Domestic travel has the merit of being able to easily go, cost less, and d...

Domestic travel has the merit of being able to easily go, cost less, and discovering new Japan. In my case, I have a lot of things I do not know yet, as I arrived at my home country Japan, so it is a continuation of new discoveries everywhere I went. In such circumstances, ""Kyoto"" is recommended after all. It is a classic staple in the classic, but I think that it is a place where various ways of enjoying can be done. Actually, I stayed 4 nights and made a trip to Kyoto, but I was planning to visit ""World Cultural Heritage Shrine Tour"" mainly. However, it is unexpectedly expensive to visit this temple shrine, is not it? Yes, unexpectedly the admission fee is not stupid. Still, there are various worth seeing. Of course, there are many beautiful temples and shrines surprisingly as ""World Heritage Shrines"", so if you look at it there will be even more. And, it takes quite a few days, and memories within it are confused. There are disadvantages to say. So, when I was on that trip, I suddenly planned on the site ""Tour of the site of the Bakumatsu incident"", which was truly surprisingly plain. For most reasons, most of them are gone, only stone monuments are standing. Sorry that some of them were pachinko shops for some reason. Still, just when I saw a sword injury that was said to have arrived at the Ikedaya incident in the imitation rock of the Sanjo Ohashi hanging over the Kamogawa, it made me feel strange. And you can enjoy enjoying various kinds of dishes such as ""Meals on the floor"" along the Kamogawa river, from funny to sorry, from ""Sweetness of Kyoto Regional Cooking"" swinging around ""World Heritage Shrines"" touring around ""the end of the Bakumatsu incident"". . I think that Kyoto is a place where you can discover new things no matter how many times you go.

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